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Optimize your trading in just a few clicks. Intimately understand and balance a new or existing portfolio.

Connect Brokerage

Your portfolio and exchange data is constantly monitored from your favorite brokerage.

Optimize Portfolio

Identify the weak spots in your portfolio and balance your risk and exposure.

Execute Trades

Act on insights and execute trades directly from your Spawner trading desk.

Connect your portfolio and find its true value

You're ready to find insights from your holdings like you didn't know possible. Get a deeper understanding of your portfolio's health, risk, and exposure.

Turn your existing brokerage into a smart brokerage.

Don't see your favorite brokerage? You can still access our insights!

Optimize for your objectives.

Spawner helps you correct course whenever your portfolio falls out of your tolerated risk and exposure. Spawner makes sure every trade aligns with your trading goals.

From high risk and unforeseen exposure

To calculated risk and exposure

Access financial insights with a simple question.

Our powerful NLP helps you mine our countless datasets so that you can access the wide world of financial data.

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Revenue and cash of Apple?

Build a better portfolio, right on Spawner

Check how a trade will affect your portfolio before making it. Make sure every trade is within your expectation of risk and exposure.

Be the first to find insights.

Start trading like a pro.